Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria
Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria - фото 1 Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria - фото 2 Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria - фото 3 Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria - фото 4
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Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria

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Vishmidt Oleg
Ellita Exim, DE,  Дессау, DE
на Флагма с 19 марта 2019


Ozenum, Vienna, Austria is the only manufacturer of powder endo, ecto, and ericoid mycorrhizal preparations in Europe. Scientists of the company are convinced that a success of symbiosis depends largely on the correct combination of fungi with bacteria, Trichoderma, humic acids and minerals! It was revealed to the scientists with more than 15 years of observations, and researches go on.
Do you want to increase crop yields? Or produce bio-products? Maybe suppress pathogens, defeat pests, mold and pathogens? Or saturate the soil with important nutrients, strengthen the immunity and survival of plants, resistance to heavy metals, frost and drought? Or get a great tool for landscape design?
The company supplies preparations for large agricultural producers (powders) and private land users (pellets and balls) with a concentration of 320 thousand spores per 1 kg of the preparation, and for drylands - 4 million spores all year-round. The company delivers preparations to many countries around the world, aiming to popularize organic methods of land treatment and save the Planet from the harmful effects of human activities. Mycorrhiza is not just a product, but a whole process, action and even a method! It is not enough to order the fungi; you still need to know what components are needed for a maximum effect in each individual case.
Write to us about your ideas, problems and plans and we will jointly design a plan of action.
You will hardly find a manufacturer who is personally responsible for the success of your results.

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Ellita Exim, DE,  Дессау, DE
на Флагма с 19 марта 2019

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