I will sell wheat
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I will sell wheat

Цена по запросу
Tenelbaev Sabit
Nursat, ТОО,  Костанай, KZ
на Флагма с 22 ноября 2018


Nur-Sat llp, hereinafter referred as the "Seller", acting on the basis of Charter is offering cooperation on supplying grain and flour (Extra class / Class I) from the Republic of Kazakhstan. If you are interested, please send a formal application on a letterhead signed by ceo of your company.
Following information should be specified in the application:
1) Country of destination;
2) Name of the goods;
3) Parameters of the goods;
4) Volume and packaging;
5) Station or port of destination;
6) Terms of delivery according to incotermes 2010;
7) Payment terms.

We hope that the cooperation with Nur-Sat llp will provide you not only useful information, but also contribute to your success.
Thank you.

Номер объявления: 1713467   |  просмотров: 26
Nursat, ТОО,  Костанай, KZ
на Флагма с 22 ноября 2018

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